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Testimonial from Ali Bourzgui and Rita Giovanetti

Dear Adam,

This is Ali from the Dalton Ave residence that had the issue of bathroom ceiling caving in from the water leak that happened from the roof. My wife and I are very grateful that you and your professional crew helped us promptly repair the issue and stop water from doing more damage. We really appreciate and honor your true professionalism in being there and standing behind your work even after 12 years have gone by.

Tom Clark and the crew were very respectful and worked diligently throughout the repair process until they found the source of the water leak. This meant that they even worked in cold temperatures, repairing and replacing free of charge all sections of the roof and a room addition’s with new shingles, flashing, and rubber sheeting.

Once all outside work was done, Tom and his crew diligently repaired the damaged ceiling inside our house and making it look normal again.

We did not feel like we were abandoned, but rather received a quick professional response and the urge to fix the problem even after many years went by.
Thank you very much for your integrity and loyal business. Have a great holiday.

Sincerely yours,
Ali Bourzgui and Rita Giovanetti