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Testimonial from Herb Wilkinson

Great job! So well executed, in all respects - your terrific organization, leadership, and the consequent support of your team yielded a blazingly excellent finished product. Terrific. Thank you! I'm still pinching myself in wonder: the guys were on the roof by 8:15 , and apart from a quick break in mid-day were finished by c. 3:00 ... and after a thorough site clean-up, were on the road by 4. Wow! The CDC was hauled out c. 9:45 Friday; Chuck had left a voicemail message saying that Wolf would not be able to pick up the porta-potty until late Monday (no problem for me), but it went out the driveway c. 6:45 PM Friday ... the pick-up guy, who lives in North Adams, was working late,was taking his truck home, and decided to get the critter out of my way en route to his house. All good. And my "scrapper" neighbor could hardly believe his good fortune when on Friday morning I offered him the copper sitting on the lawn ... it was gone within the hour. He said that he had never heard of a contractor who didn't make off with anything of value like that. I said now he had ... that you operate in an ethical world that these days is not often seen. Which I sensed initially, and which is central to why I chose to work with you to begin with.